An Actual,Real Progress Report

After a couple days of prayer for healing…my breathing is much better. The lung spasms are nearly gone. I can now cook my own meals. My trips to & back from the bathroom no longer leaves me gasping to breathe. The lung spasms are mild,making recovery quick & painless. I feel much better. God does hear & answer prayer.


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Annoying Youtubers

There were several I watched daily,until they started threatening us with a phone app,if we didn’t sub & like. They used the app to tell us we’d be harmed if we didn’t like & sub. These youtubers would also command us to like & sub. I am now ready to unsub. They start off commanding & threatening. They are immature nerds using threats & commands to become popular. 1 of em was using threats to make viewers buy his merchandise. The others tell us we will be hurt or possessed by an evil spirit if we don’t sub & like. They expect us to pause the vid & sub to all their media sites. They use the Siri app & somehow program it to be evil & dangerous,to scare viewers into subbing & liking. They also program the app to promise to fulfill our wishes if we sub & like. If we don’t…our wishes will never come true. I will be doing some unsubs tonight.


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Blogging & Me

I will continue until wordpress forces me to pay or leave. I can’t afford to pay. I’ve never paid to blog & have no plans to. I’m an individual,not a business. Paying to post my thoughts,opinions,& daily activities is a waste. The signs are showing…eventually I will be forced to leave. I refuse to pay to upgrade. I’m far from popular. There’s no good reason to pay.

Blogging is difficult for me. I can’t stay awake & am weak. I am often sick & or in pain. I have trouble spelling & I make lots of typos. I type slow,using my right index finger. I have nothing interesting to share. I am boring,lol.


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Could This Be A Progress Report?

seems I am losing weight,but not in a healthy way. I pretty much live on toast with a generous amount of butter. I don’t have the stamina to cook nutritious meals. Half my day is spent sleeping. Sitting or sleeping keeps me breathing. I am ready and eager to be healthy & so I ordered a bottle of apple cider vinegar capsules. A long time ago I drank the honey & vinegar cocktail once a day. My health improved by 98%,but felt like 100%. As time went on I became bored with the cocktail & stopped drinking it. All to soon my health derailed. Well,this time I will use the apple cider vinegar capsules. I ordered em yesterday from Amazon.


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The Internet

I can’t imagine life without it,but it bores me. All day right on up till bedtime,its Facebook,Twitter,& YouTube. I don’t blog a lot anymore. Why bother? I have nothing interesting to post. Sometimes I use ask/fm & sometimes I search for something. Naps are a refreshing break from the internet. Our internet service provider is a high priced crook. I miss reading,writing,& using the Laws Of Attraction. I miss praying & cleaning my house. I miss exercising. Of course,poor health prevents me from doing some activities.


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Visualization is fantasies & daydreams about the ideal life you wish for,as if you are already living that life. Visualization is journaling about your ideal life as if you are already living it. Close your eyes & let your imagination loose,set it free. Create,play,& have fun. Visualization is a fantasy,a daydream,a sacred place where you can be & have anything you wish for.

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A Weird Morning

Yep,weird,after a month without anxiety & depression. I looked up at the tops of my curtains for the sign of daylight. It looked like it had arrived,but the birds weren’t singing. I remembered I am now 54. Old age thoughts & feelings were triggered. Although my thoughts & feelings weren’t insane,they were deep into the past & far into the future. I wondered why I had been born,why I exist. I’ve never known my talents,gifts,or purpose. More than most of my life I’ve been penniless,with no assets or valuables. I’ve never owned a home & have only owned 1 car. I’ve never had a long term job or a career. I have a 7th grade education & no training. I have various health problems. All my relationships have been toxic. I’ve never had friends. I’ve never been a success in life. My only claim to success is that I am alive. I’ve had more enemies than I could ever remember. My thoughts & feelings were all over & everwhere,until I finally got out of bed at the crack of dawn & birds singing.



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