settling in & accepting this as our new home. The traffic out front on a busy highway is often disturbing,but hey,its home & its clean. I watch the old place being done for the new people. We spent 10 years there in unthinkable hell. I nearly died there. I already know what is awaiting for the new people. I doubt the horrible things have been dealt with. There’s nothing I can do. We are in a good place,safe,& healthy. There’s no smell of mould or anything bad.  Its as it needed to be,a blessing from God,a way out of hell. We are safe. With time I will heal.


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Here I Am At 54

I gave up my hobbies,the things I loved,those things that were my passion. I don’t know if I should do those things,like car racing games,rock n roll,my dreams,the journaling,& even reading. Am I at a age where I sit & do nothing? Is all those things for the young? What do you do when you are my age? Am I way past enjoying life? I would like to do the things I love…or are those things not for a woman my age? Should I lay here & wait to die? My life is half gone…just the last half awaits me…& I am not ready. I don’t know what this all means. Hobbies frighten me. My books speak volumes about my youth…now gone. My dreams take me to when I was young. I want to stop & wait for old age to catch me. It seems normal,natural,what us older folks do. I’m not ready to die,not at all,but where do I go & what can I do.


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Another Rental House

That’s fine though. Its clean & seems sanitary. We are in town & that’s wonderful. The old house was unfit to live in & nearly killed me. We moved in the nick of time. We are surprised the landlord is going to rent that old house to someone that has no idea is unfit & unhealthy. Its not our problem anymore. We’ve moved on. We don’t miss the old place. Leaving was a beautiful blessing. Thank you God. We can now celebrate Christmas & other events.


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Here I Am In My New House

After 10 years in the old house,there seemed no leaving it,not ever,for as long as we lived. The old house with all its poisons was killing me. We’ll we finally ended up in the new house…1914,but in a good shape,fit to live in,decent living. We are comfy & living good. I am now in recovery.


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We Have Another House

It happened suddenly. We had not expected it & thought we’d be in the old house forever. The new house,also a rental,is 1914,but in great shape. Its bigger & ideal to live in. Its in town,close to everything. Our praises & gratitude goes out to God & the folks He used to  bless us.


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Its Been A Big Mess

All is coming under control. The Idiot that is was sighting my husband with neglect. She was scalding about him mistreating me. That’s a lie. Now,what does that have to do with how our house not being pic n span clean? It makes no sense whatsoever? We are cleaning the house everyday…& it looks good…as what it look like before…not spic n span…but much better. We can get where we want without tripping on something & falling. It is very good. It is safe. We are good. We do hope to be moving real soon. Its time for us to move to the other side of time & start all over.


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Struggling Hard

After a week in the hospital & then out, & a shit for brains wants to add me in a hospital. The piss ass bitch wants to destroy my marriage & my family & wants me in the hospital forever. Bitch needs to go to hell,bitch has no place to add me anywhere. Ugly old bitch need to join Satan & his clans. Evil idiot needs to shut here mouth & keep it shut forever. Twisted old fool! I’m 54 you puke! Filthy freak! Damn old shit! I’m am married,with 2 adult sons,& I’m 54 & in decent health! Go far away you bitch!

new angels6

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