Been Feeling Worse Than Usual

I’d like to be more positive,but I am completely drained. I’m sleeping a lot,cuz there’s no pain & suffering when I’m sleeping. My lung spasms have worsened. I can’t sleep at night. I am severely weak. The pain in my lower back,hips,& knees is unbearable. I scream each time I stand up. I scream when I sit down. Breathing is more difficult.

My husband bought me an inhaler to help me breathe. He also bought me a humidifier & a book that will teach me how to heal myself.

My food for this week is low fat. Losing 100 pounds would be ideal in restoring my health & well being. I know I need exercise too & I am set up for doing that daily.


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What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

It can be alarming & can cause panic,including a racing heart & difficulty in breathing. It can cause depression. You may become desperate as fear & dread activate. You don’t feel safe. You feel threatened & fight to survive,as worst case scenarios & insane thoughts awaken. You feel weak & helpless,hopeless & alone. You are fighting demons you can’t see. You may feel like you are smothering…dying. Its like being on a runaway roller coaster. You feel powerless & can’t find a way out. There’s no escape & no relief. You either stop & fight the demons or runaway,maybe turning to drugs,alcohol,or food to ease the suffering & misery. Its chaotic & noisy. Its insanity. It can be terrifying. It can be unbearable. It can be dangerous. Its cruel & unmerciful.


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Deeply Depressed

this was triggered by me searching for a decent house for my family & me. Being 53 & my husband 63 & in the market for another house has me deep in depression…& then I found this…& it doesn’t help,but might help someone else.


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Anxiety & Thoughts

Anxiety causes thoughts to splatter into the past,present,future,& none of it is good. In comes the worst case scenarios. Fears kick in. Its insane & you can’t stop it. Its like being on a terrifying roller coaster ride at max speed. The thoughts won’t stop or even slow down. Your heart is racing & pounding. If only there was a switch to turn off those unwanted thoughts.


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Anxiety Isn’t Always Triggered

I’ll speak here of my own experiences. There are times when anxiety is  triggered…or provoked. At other times anxiety happens for no reason whatsoever. I will be enjoying whatever I am doing,feeling upbeat…& then anxiety comes in like a tidal wave.  At my age,53,I know the triggers,but I’m never prepared for the sudden rush of anxiety. Its like being jumped in a pitch black room.

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Write Your Answers In A Journal

I am nearly always negative,anxious,depressed,stressed,& worried. Here’s something we can all do when we are being crushed by negativity. In a journal answer the following questions. Be honest & specific. You’ll feel better. Its therapy. Its good for us. Take your time. Don’t rush.

Name 30 blessings

Name 10 successes

Name 5 positive things you accomplished this week

What are your financial goals?

Describe your dream home

What career do you want?

What do you want for your family & friends

What is your dream car?

What do you want spiritually?

Name 6 promises from God

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to think?

What do you want to believe?

What do you want to see?

What do you want to hear?

What do you want to taste?

What do you want to smell?

What do you want to touch?

Name 10 of your strengths

What would your ideal day consists of?

What do you want to learn?

Name 10 good memories

Name 5 of your proudest moments

Name 5 challenges you conquered

write a loving letter to yourself


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Yes,An Actual Progress Report

Yesterday I was yawning excessively & could,nt stop. It weakened me terribly. I decided I would NOT be defeated. I did the impossible & started cleaning my kitchen. I cleaned enough to where my oldest son & my husband noticed & commented. I can now look at that mess,while yawning profusely,& know…I can do this. I want to do it. I am doing it. I am alive & ready to thrive.


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