Snacking,Cheating & Binging

I enjoy 3 cheats a week…good ol’ fast food…on the weekends. Its cheeseburgers I crave. I order the fries & then only eat a few of em. I also never finish the cheeseburgers. I eat half…& its enough to satisfy me. I can’t hold big amounts of food. 

I keep yogurt,rice cakes,jello,& pudding in my kitchen for anytime snacks. If I omitted the 3 cheats & snacks I would’ve given up on losing weight.  Yes,I am progressing…& I’m not depriving myself. I’m having my cake & eating it too. No,I don’t binge or gorge. Small amounts of food satisfies me. 

There are lots of low fat snacks out there…the 4 I already named…3 Musketeer’s bar,pretzels,cotton candy,hard candies,& much more. Just keep in mind…sugar & salt…so don’t binge or gorge. 



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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