Yes,I Eat Breakfast…Every Morning

not because a diet tells me I should,but be cause I want it. If I am hungry I am going to eat. I enjoy breakfast. I eat what I want to eat…which usually isn’t nourishing,but is satisfying. Its tough with no stove. I can’t cook those hearty stick to your ribs meals that are bulging with nutrition. I am also not a fan of veggies & beans. As for fruit…I will eat it when I’m in the mood for it. 

As for my depression…I’ve had it since I was a child. It runs in my family,on my Mom’s side. Its an emotional & mental disease. It isn’t related to the foods I eat. It doesn’t matter if I eat a well-balanced diet or not…depression falls over me from nowhere. I live in a black & gray world. The others in my family that have this disease are on medication to control it. I insist on using meditation. 



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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2 Responses to Yes,I Eat Breakfast…Every Morning

  1. There’s about 300 studies that show you can treat depression with diet, it’s common knowledge. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, you can readdress that balance by putting things in your body that it needs. I know because I’ve done it myself. I don’t talk about my depression EVER because I find it challenging to talk about, but I suffered with anxiety and depression for 6 years. I was on antidepressants from the age of 14 onwards. When I was 20, I read a study conducted in Iran that showed increasing the number of green leafy veg, veg from different ends of the colour spectrum and fruits that you consume can improve depressive thoughts and feelings. I tried it for 3 weeks. No more depression, no more suicidal thoughts. It was that simple. I also eat breakfast in the morning, I have a smoothy. No stove required. I very rarely use my oven, I use the hob or microwave to cook everything so that’s absolutely no excuse for polluting your body with the rubbish empty calories your eating. You will never lose weight the way you’re going and you’ll never feel better, you need a wake up call. Also, ‘I don’t like veg and fruit’?? Tough! If you want to be healthy, you need to make a change and eat those things. Look what a state eating what you like has got you in! By the way, this sounds really harsh but I WISH someone had spoken to me like this years ago and told me what I was doing to my body, maybe then I would be healthy by now instead of obese and unhappy. I’m 2 weeks into my lifestyle change, I’ve lost 11lbs and I feel like a fog has lifted from my life. You need a wake up call and I’m sorry for the tough love, but pull yourself together and start giving your body what it needs instead of a load of dead empty food!

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  2. New Journey says:

    that looks yummy….exception of the sausages… favorite meal is breakfast…kat

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