New Week Menu…Excitement

country fried steak,fried chicken strips,Asian chicken,spam,corned beef & corned beef hash,chicken breasts,pretzels, baked beans,& bean soups. 



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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9 Responses to New Week Menu…Excitement

  1. If you won’t trust science and you continue the way you are (which is clearly working wonders for you… NOT) then you’ll be fat and unhappy for the rest of your very short life. If that’s what you want (which I suspect it is, you seem to love being a victim) then continue the way you are, but stop pretending to be trying to be healthy because it insults all of us who struggle every day. You are not one of us, you are not on a diet, you are not striving to improve your life. You are a liar and a fraud and everything you are is a living, breathing insult to those of us who hurt and struggle with our bodies daily.

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    • Reply 1 more time…I will report you for harassment. I have the right to post here. Freedom of speech! I post personal stuff that’s about me & my life. That’s what a blog is for. You are the only 1 attacking me.


      • Oh grow up, and yes! damn right im attacking you! Because you’re killing yourself and I’m watching! If you saw someone about to throw themselves off a bridge, would you shout up to them ‘STOP!!’? If you saw someone stick a needle in their arm about to overdose, would you pull the needle out, give them a slap and say ‘what in gods name do you think you’re doing???’? Of course you would! That’s exactly what is happening here, I’m watching you commit suicide and shouting up to you ‘JUST STOP AND THINK!’ I don’t believe for 1 second you’re stupid, but I do think you’re stuck in a cycle of self pity and blame. It’s my husbands fault, I’m starving, I’m depressed it’s not my fault I’m fat.. When in actual fact everything you post on this blog SHOWS this is completely your fault and you are CHOOSING to kill yourself with food. Make that choice by all means, but don’t pretend you’re trying to change it because that insults all of us that ARE trying to cure ourselves. You’re going to die if you don’t snap out of it, it’s that simple. And you didn’t answer my question: what diet tells you you can eat fried chicken, have multiple cheat days and still lose 20lbs?

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      • Its a very old diet,but does what it promises,but by the end of the week you are ready to quit…can’t stay beyond a week. Its designed to take off weight fast.

        I’m still experimenting to find what works for me. What you read in my blogs is my experiments. I hate diets & hope to find a way to eat some of my favorite foods. Eating is 1 of the pleasures of life. Why eat foods you hate?


      • Because cooked in the right way you won’t hate them. What is the diet called?


  2. You are a total lost cause. Last post you’re complaining about mixing carb and protein and in this post you’re eating fired chicken… You realise the batter on the chicken is carbs right? There isn’t a single micronutrient rich food on this entire menu… Ridiculous, get a grip and eat a vegetable for gods sake! You’re making yourself feel ill and yet you STILL do nothing about it. You’re going to die, and it will be suicide by food.

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    • The diet I am on says I can eat this way & this is how I lost 20 pounds. Some of the food on my menu is for cheat days. Yes,I have a few cheat days a week.

      You think you know it all. Lord knows how many books on nutrition I’ve read during the past 30 years. I’m not blind & ignorant. I know what I am doing & I’m doing it for me,NOT FOR YOU.

      Most of my weight gain is caused by stress & depression. The last thing I need to do is force feed myself foods I hate.

      My worst problem is not my choice of foods…its my lack of appetite & eating around 500 calories a day. I DO NOT gorge. I do NOT eat enough. I am gaining weight because I am in starvation mode. I fill up really fast,so don’t think all the food on my menu is going into my belly. Most of it will NOT be eaten.


      • If that was even slightly true you’d be losing weight, which you’re not. You’re lying to yourself and to everyone else… I’m sorry, but what diet tells you you can eat fried chicken and have multiple cheat days a week, never touch a healthy food and still lose weight? You’re a liar and the only person you’re fooling is yourself. So you’ve read a ton of nutrition books and you STILL eat like a child locked in a McDonald’s?? That’s even worse! That means you KNOW what you’re doing wrong and yet you STILL do it! How utterly idiotic have you got to be?? Starvation mode is a myth, it’s been proven to be a myth unless you have LESS than 13% body fat.. that’s why you don’t see a ton of 250lb starving children wandering around Africa, you massive idiot. You told me once you use this blog as therapy.. You can’t do that u less you’re honest, which you’re not. Your a big fat liar and you’re not fooling anyone. I’m going to continue to read your blog and some time soon the posts will stop and I won’t know if it’s because you’ve got bored or because you’re dead… I’ll assume the latter because right now, you are completely determined to commit suicide with your ridiculous food intake. You’re fat because you eat like a pig not because you’re ‘starving’, you realise 1 fried chicken leg is about 300 calories at least right? You’d have to be eating 2 bits of fried chicken a day to be eating as little as you say you are, and considering your continued weight problem that’s physically impossible. You are not special, you have no special illness that means you’re not like everyone else, so your weight is a simple mathematical calculation like everyone else’s: calories in vs calories out. For you to be sustaining your high weight your calories in must be the same or more as your calories out… It takes about 2000 calories PER DAY for your body to run itself at rest, if you were eating no less than that you’d be losing weight. Simple. You can’t lie to science shit for brains.


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