Whenever you are in a bad place…depression,fear,stress,anxiety…do nothing but linger there in awareness of your feelings & thoughts. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? What’s happening in that bad place? Feel & think about anything uncomfortable that’s going on. Feel those feelings,don’t run from them. Think about that bad place you are in,but don’t analyze or judge it. Let it be,let it happen. Don’t beat yourself up. Rest in awareness. Feel your way through it,accepting your feelings & thoughts,accepting yourself,accepting that bad place. Own it. Its a part of you. Feel those feelings. Think & feel your way through it,without judgement. Don’t try to figure it out.



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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