I Read A Full Chapter

Let’s see if I can lose weight by changing my story. Yep,I changed plan…again. At least I’m still within the Laws Of Attraction. You won’t find me on another diet. I choose to lose my excess weight easily & effortlessly. I am determined to think & become slender. I’ll read,write,& think myself slim. Others have done it & I will do it.

I am at a place where all I want to do is eat & sleep. My belly is rebelling. The more I eat the more my belly swells & aches. I’m not gorging,but I’m eating more than usual. There are chocolate cakes & ice cream sandwiches in the kitchen.

Warm,pretty,sunny days & watching Jerry Springer makes me hungry. I watch Jerry all day. Its more fun when I’m eating.


About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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2 Responses to I Read A Full Chapter

  1. Lynn Eberle says:

    We are very similar. I am 55, 288 (5ft 4″) and it’s taking it’s toll on me more and more these days. I also have anxiety that is crushing at time. Made worse by menopause at 52. When I am ok, all is well. When I’m in an “episode”, I burst into tears and noises make me jump. I can barely stand to hear the neighbors dogs when they bark as it sets my nerves on edge. Other days, I don’t notice them. I now have Tinnitus, my lower back hurts, when I stand up, I can barely walk because my legs are so stiff from the knees down. I could go on by not point…pain is pain. The worse though is my face is on fire at times with cold spots and my stomach is on fire that rises into my throat and makes my mouth burn and I was told this was anxiety but was not offered anything to take/do for it. Just a “good luck” when I left the neurologists office (who was looking for MS or any other reason for the burning but found nothing).

    I also has success on the Stop the Insanity Diet years ago. But gained it all back and then some. Isn’t that the way though, you lose it but when you gain it back, you gain even more. I’d be 40 lbs overweight today if I never dieted because the majority of my excess weight came from rebound gains. I was losing weight a couple years ago on a low carb diet. I was down 45 lbs and then the burning skin/face and insides started and everything gave me heartburn so I started eating carbs again as in my head, they sopped up the excess acid like a sponge. I was eating lots of tomatoes and celery and lemon water etc and couldn’t think of doing that after whatever switch got flipped to start up this pain. Another one that was working well is the One:One:One diet. When I first went off the low carb, I switched to this diet and still lost weight even though I was having carbs again. I just had to be sure to pair it with a protein:carb:fat. The book as the portions in it and is easy to follow. After the burning started, I slowly put on back on 35 lbs and have stayed there. Even though I am the same weight I was a few years back, things have “shifted” as I can no longer do the things I used to. I can’t fit into booths at restaurants but I used to be able to when I was 295 before (288 now). So, must be the age thing added to this.

    I think I will retry the One:One:One again. On days where my pain is less, I have all the desire and determination to get going and then, the pain comes back and I’m back to being hopeless and depressed that I will ever be better again. If doctors don’t know what this is, I’m doomed. I have had times where nearly a week goes by without pain and life is good and I’m doing well then it hits again. I’ve tried everything I know to figure out why it comes back, what triggers it..what makes it go away when it does. I will think I have it figured out (acids, nightshades, allergies etc) and then the next time it comes back, it disproves everything I worked hard to figure out. There is just NO rhyme or reason for it. When I’m in pain, it’s all I can think about. Even drinking water will set it off sometimes. I will try sometime for anxiety and it works one time, but not the next. Same with allergy pills, antacids, natural cures etc. Just so confusing and it interferes with my plans to get back on track with weight loss. It just flat out sucks.

    I don’t really know why I felt compelled to write this …I’m sorry if it is invasive. Good luck to you (and me)…

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