There’s No Need To Diet

A long time ago I learned…DO NOT MIX CARBS WITH PROTEIN. You can can eat both,but NOT together,such as those fast food combo meals. You can have an all carbs meal or an all protein meal. Mixing carbs & protein results in weight gain & that big belly. It also screws up digestion. While not mixing the 2,stop eating breads,sweets,& stop drinking beer. Drink green tea & distilled water. Don’t go wild with sodium. This isn’t a diet. You can have foods that taste good & are a pleasure to eat.

I was raised on the full course meals…meat,starch,& veggies. That may have been fine & dandy when I was a skinny,active kid,but I am now a middle aged adult with a slow metabolism. I spend my life sitting or laying.

Omit sodas & breads. Go to YouTube & look up videos for breathing properly & do that. Visualize & use self hypnosis. Exercise daily. DO NOT sit & lay all day. Omit all sweets.



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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