Cheat Day (Losing Weight)

If you learn how to eat,not what to eat,& you listen to your body,you won’t need a cheat day. Those strict diets are why we want that cheat day. As soon as you compile a list of good & bad foods,what you can & can’t eat you have already failed. So long as you eat when hungry & stop when satisfied you can have the foods you enjoy & lose weight. Print out a hunger scale & hang it on your fridge. Use a journal for your feelings,emotions,& thoughts. Learn to listen to your body. Always eat with awareness & never eat while watching tv,texting,or whatever. Focus on your food,on eating…chew & enjoy. Distractions can lead to stuffing. Take your time. Remember,food fork or sandwich down between bites. When you are finished leave the room. Here are 2 excellent books. You can eat what you want. You don’t need a cheat day.



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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