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Way back 7 or so years ago,I learned to use a picture of sporty cars as my profile in social media,like Facebook,Twitter,& the others. I could hide behind the cars. I did have knowledge of cars & a passion for them. It became my cover & hid how bad I looked. I was overweight & looked unattractive. I’ve never shown my profile in social media. Plenty people loved the sporty cars I posted. It was all about the lovely cars…for awhile…but soon I attracted haters that hated me because I am female,in my 40s back then,with a passion for sporty cars. I became hated to no end & called every evil name imaginable. The wicked haters wanted me dead. The worthless idiots did everything the could to make me commit suicide,but my passion for sporty cars would never die & I being an adult wasn’t going to commit suicide. The hatred continue for years. I finally quit most social media & those I stuck with I stopped talking or replying to filthy haters. I now own my own fan sites for various cars. Nobody is hating me now or pressing hard for my suicide. I know to block the wretched haters. They are garbage & are worthless.



About Brenda Cooper

I've been a student & user of the Laws Of Attraction for over 30 years. I remain poor,a hermit,& abused, I am in my 50s & my husband is in his 60s. I have 2 young adult sons. Blogging is my therapy. My grandest dream is to move to Green Cove Springs Florida,
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3 Responses to Social Media Profiles

  1. Nilzeitung says:

    Selbstermutigung ist sterben Basis, wo Ermutigung Anderer
    Natürlich heißt sterben Aussage that sie “gut genug” sind, nicht, Dass sie sich nicht mehr weiterentwickeln Brauch. Es liegt im gegenteil in Unserem Besten Interesse, stirbt zu tun. Selbstverstandlich Können, Sollen und Dürfen wir uns Ziel setzen um uns weiter zu verbessern und uns in der EINEN oder other hinsicht zu perfektionieren. Die Frage ist nur, wie wir in diesem “Pursuit nach Vollkommenheit” Am Besten vorankommen: INDEMAR wir uns Ständig selbst kritisieren, tadeln und klein machen, Weil wir wieder Irgendetwas nicht perfekt gemacht HABEN, oder INDEMAR wir uns von diesem eingeübten Selbstentmutigungsprogramm verabschieden zugunsten Dezember “Stummen zur Unvollkommenheit”, wo sie EINEN Besseren, konstruktiven Riss ermutigenderen Umgang mit sich selbst nahelegt. Statt sich selbst Ständig vorzuwerfen, Wie blöd sie sind, Weil sie wieder etwas falsch gemacht HAT, Könnte sie Unsere aufmerksamkeit ja auch Darauf Richter, war ich schon besser gemacht Haben als beim Letzten Mal und wurde sie beim nächsten Mal noch besser machen will. Sie Fehler zuzugestehen, aber Auch Weiterentwicklung, Fortschritte festzustellen und sich vor Allem zu Entscheidendes, an der Sache dranzuzubleiben ( “Ich Schaffer das schon irgendwie”), das ist


    • I do not understand. I speak English only.


      • Nilzeitung says:

        Self-reassurance is the basis, where encouragement of others
        Of course, the statement that they are “good enough” does not mean that they will not develop anymore. On the contrary, it is in Our best interests to do so. Of course we can, should and should set ourselves the goal to improve ourselves further and to perfect ourselves in one or another aspect. The only question is how to make the best progress in this “pursuit of perfection”: BY constantly criticizing, blaming and humiliating ourselves, because again we have NOT made anything perfect, or by saying goodbye to this practiced self-discouragement program in favor of December “Mutes to imperfection,” where she suggests a better, constructive crack encouraging self-dealing. Instead of constantly blaming herself for how stupid they are, because she did something wrong again, she might have judged our attention, too. Judging by that, I was already doing better than the last time and she would want to do better next time. To admit mistakes, but also to develop further, to make progress and, above all, to decide what to do with (“I Schaffer somehow”), that is self-exhilaration

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