Headed In The Right direction

I now have a toaster oven & nutritious foods. My new menu will be pork chops,eggs,brocoli,baked potatoes,cheese,toast,grilled cheeseĀ  sandwiches,sweet peas,& more quality foods. I have Centrum Silver,my herbs,my salt lamp,my humidifier,& my exercise peddler. I am back on the oxygen & the CPAP. I have my salt inhaler. I am done with the microwave oven.


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Making Positive Changes

I have COPD,Sleep Apnia,& I’m anemic. I decided last night I am changing what I eat & am adding white potatoes,sweet potatoes,& broccoli. This will give me the nutrition I need. Today I started taking herbs again. I have an abundance of those. I continue using my Himalayian salt lamp & my humidifier. I fully intend to start back on the honey & vinager cocktail & to exercise daily.


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No Worst Case Scenarios

While in that uncomfy situation I didn’t spin off worst case scenarios. I calmly thought of all the positives for the situation. I was amazed how calm & relaxed I was. I was strong & grounded. The Himalayan salt lamp is my lifeline in living with anxiety & depression. If you suffer with anxiety & depression,buy yourself a Himalayan salt lamp. My husband bought mine from the Corn Crib. Its the only thing that has ever given me relief from anxiety & depression. It has a lovely,soothing orange glow & a pleasant scent. It erases my fears & makes me feel positive. Buy 1 for yourself. You will love it.

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In Recovery For My Health

I am using the Himalayan salt lamp at night & my humidifier during the day. Mentally & emotionally I am noticing improvement. I was in a situation today which would’ve caused me to go into full-blown panic. I was worried,but no panic. The lamp is soothing,relaxing,comforting. Its pretty when lit & smells nice. It most certainly calms & strengthens me.

Last night I was awake all night,cuz my belly was unbearably bloated. It still is.


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1 Of those Sleepless Nights

I used my Himalayan Salt lamp. My room was lit in a bright orange glow…pretty & soothing,but I couldn’t sleep. I finally drifted off to sleep. I awoke & spotted a big ass roach on a klenex box near my lamp. The ugly fool was enjoying the warmth & glow from the lamp. I grabbed a book & tried to smash the idiot. He hurried away to hide. I was sleepy & went back to sleep. When I awoke again,that asshole roach was on my humidifier,near the lamp. I threw some lightweight things to scare the creep away. I didn’t want to damage my humidifier or lamp. He left & was later on side my bed scampering & hollering. Nasty ugly can’t run me out of my bedroom.


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I Thought I’d Die

I awoke this morning unable to get out of bed. I couldn’t breathe & couldn’t move. The lung spasms were unbearable. I had to pee,but couldn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I managed to sit up & pee where I sat. I had no other choice. I ended up laying down & somehow fell asleep. After 4 hours I managed to get out of bed. It was a miracle I made it to the dining room. I told my oldest son it would be best if I died. He brought my Himalayan salt inhaler to me. I used it & got no relief. That was after me changing clothes,which nearly killed me. I sit on the toilet to change clothes.

We had lunch at Sonics,cuz I could barely walk & couldn’t breathe. How we managed to buy groceries I will never know. I couldn’t breathe,my legs & fingers were numb,I was hot,& dizzy. My husband dropped me off in front of the store & when we were done he picked me up. Through it all I could barely talk.

My husband bought me a Himalayan salt lamp today. I already have a humidifier & an inhaler. I’m now online & drinking wine.

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It Was A Rough Day

I slept most of it. My son used my laptop to apply forĀ  work. Today I’ve been unbearably weak. The new inhaler doesn’t help much at all,if at all. The lung spasms are worse than ever.

I am still preparing to set up my humidifier. My bedroom is small & cluttered. Users of that humidifier have said it leaks & even floods the floor. That can be dangerous.

I have my new book for self healing,I found my headphones,& I have space for my peddler exerciser. I intend to use subliminal vids for healing & am excited about exercising.

My stupid laptop signed me out of all my accounts,which caused me to lose this blog. It took awhile to find it. I intend to buy a new laptop for Christmas this year. The 1 I am using is so basic & weird. It cries over the memory being low,destructs my accounts,can’t install updates…its a super cheapo.


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