Faced With The Truth

After over 30 years & hundreds of books…doing as instructed,following the rules…& multiple failures…I finally conclude…the Laws Of Attraction do NOT work,not as promised & testified. I’ve been using the LOA for over 30 years & have been poor & needy the entire time. Others are concluding…the LOA doesn’t work. After all the time,money,& faith I put into the LOA its difficult to conclude,it doesn’t work.

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Been In A Bad Place

The anxiety & depression have returned,not as extreme though. I’m averaging 2 to 3 naps a day. I don’t feel good,don’t feel well. My breathing has improved & so has my ability to cook my own meals & do some house cleaning. Otherwise I am drained. I’m homesick,missing my family in Florida,missing my youngest son. Bret lives near us,but rarely visits. He’s working 2 jobs. I worry about my oldest son. He lives with us,is 24,has no job & no girlfriend.

I know I’m slacking on blogging. I don’t have the energy & I don’t have anything interesting to say. I will say…bill hounds continue to bark at me,wanting money I don’t have & can’t get. They are are greedy fools. They are headed for hell.

I am using another Vision Board & Cosmic Ordering. Its fun & rewarding. Its my positive place…my feel good place.



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An Actual,Real Progress Report

After a couple days of prayer for healing…my breathing is much better. The lung spasms are nearly gone. I can now cook my own meals. My trips to & back from the bathroom no longer leaves me gasping to breathe. The lung spasms are mild,making recovery quick & painless. I feel much better. God does hear & answer prayer.


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Annoying Youtubers

There were several I watched daily,until they started threatening us with a phone app,if we didn’t sub & like. They used the app to tell us we’d be harmed if we didn’t like & sub. These youtubers would also command us to like & sub. I am now ready to unsub. They start off commanding & threatening. They are immature nerds using threats & commands to become popular. 1 of em was using threats to make viewers buy his merchandise. The others tell us we will be hurt or possessed by an evil spirit if we don’t sub & like. They expect us to pause the vid & sub to all their media sites. They use the Siri app & somehow program it to be evil & dangerous,to scare viewers into subbing & liking. They also program the app to promise to fulfill our wishes if we sub & like. If we don’t…our wishes will never come true. I will be doing some unsubs tonight.


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Blogging & Me

I will continue until wordpress forces me to pay or leave. I can’t afford to pay. I’ve never paid to blog & have no plans to. I’m an individual,not a business. Paying to post my thoughts,opinions,& daily activities is a waste. The signs are showing…eventually I will be forced to leave. I refuse to pay to upgrade. I’m far from popular. There’s no good reason to pay.

Blogging is difficult for me. I can’t stay awake & am weak. I am often sick & or in pain. I have trouble spelling & I make lots of typos. I type slow,using my right index finger. I have nothing interesting to share. I am boring,lol.


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Could This Be A Progress Report?

seems I am losing weight,but not in a healthy way. I pretty much live on toast with a generous amount of butter. I don’t have the stamina to cook nutritious meals. Half my day is spent sleeping. Sitting or sleeping keeps me breathing. I am ready and eager to be healthy & so I ordered a bottle of apple cider vinegar capsules. A long time ago I drank the honey & vinegar cocktail once a day. My health improved by 98%,but felt like 100%. As time went on I became bored with the cocktail & stopped drinking it. All to soon my health derailed. Well,this time I will use the apple cider vinegar capsules. I ordered em yesterday from Amazon.


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The Internet

I can’t imagine life without it,but it bores me. All day right on up till bedtime,its Facebook,Twitter,& YouTube. I don’t blog a lot anymore. Why bother? I have nothing interesting to post. Sometimes I use ask/fm & sometimes I search for something. Naps are a refreshing break from the internet. Our internet service provider is a high priced crook. I miss reading,writing,& using the Laws Of Attraction. I miss praying & cleaning my house. I miss exercising. Of course,poor health prevents me from doing some activities.


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