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If I Give Up

it’ll never be forever. Somewhere,somehow,someway I will find my strength & come back with refreshed determination,awakening my beautiful dreams,while I march forward on the path toward success & prosperity,life & happiness. In my opinion,giving up is expected & not to … Continue reading

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I So Much Want To Quit

I awoke from my nap wanting to quit this weight loss journey. Although I’m not dieting & I’mĀ using light exercise…well…its unbearable. I must think about it everyday when I use the visualizations,meditations,self hypnosis,& EFT. Thinking & getting slender is unpleasant. … Continue reading

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Yesterday All My Dreams Died

and here I am battling a life threatening obesity. At 5’2 & 240 pounds I am considered obese. I am now deeply depressed & its making me want to give up. After 2 years of perfecting my dream life…in journals … Continue reading

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