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Happy Mothers Day To Us Moms

My husband doesn’t let me celebrate. Although I have 2 sons,ages 19 & 24,my husband says they aren’t mine. He says I’m not a mother. He thinks he carried those 2 for 9 months,gave birth to them,& has raised them … Continue reading

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Suffering…Can’t Do It Anymore

Went out,had lunch & bought groceries. I struggled & suffered the entire time. The lung spasms were relentless…insane dizzy spells. Strangers were staring at me. I was bent over the shopping cart,gasping hard to breathe. Finally in the car headed for home,I … Continue reading

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Dreading This Coming Saturday

My youngest son has invited my oldest son,my husband,& me to have lunch with him & hangout at his new apartment. He’s going to cook lunch & we’re having adult beverages. All that is wonderful & exciting. The dreaded part … Continue reading

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Am I Really Hungry?(Losing Weight)

When you think you are hungry,you might actually be,but you might also be thirsty,so have a glass of water,& if you are still feeling hungry,go ahead & eat. While feeling hungry,ask yourself what you really want. How are you feeling? … Continue reading

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Hospital Food Is Gross

spend a week in the hospital eating 3 gross meals a day. That has me appreciating microwave foods. I ate enough to keep my strength & take the edge off my hunger. Breakfast was the worst. Fat as I am … Continue reading

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Christmas This Year

It will be bittersweet. My 5th & final present will arrive today. We will eat out tomorrow at Shoney’s. I say that with much sadness…my 19 year old son may not join us. Bret had a huge fight with his … Continue reading

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Feeling Bad Friday

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