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We Complain About Stuff So Trivial

We don’t like the food we eat,we don’t care for the clothes we wear,we want a newer car or a bigger house,we think we’re fat or not pretty enough. We whine for more money,hate our job. We’re bored,cold,hot,& uncomfy. We … Continue reading

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I Am Creating My Present & Future

with my thoughts,feelings,beliefs,& visualizations I am creating my present & future. All my negative,anxious,depressed,stressed thoughts & feelings are writing the next chapter in my life. All the fears I allow & spend time with are building my future. Every pity … Continue reading

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In A Dark Place

I am weak,dazed,& depressed. I couldn’t even go out to eat. My food was brought home to me. I’m not strong enough to get out of my house. Its all I can do to move. I sit here at the … Continue reading

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Not Another Pity Party

Today I am down & out with swollen gums & head congestion & therefore I feel like death warmed over. I am not Mary Sunshine today,but I am feeling blessed & hopeful nonetheless,inspite of the agonizing pain.  Pity parties are … Continue reading

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