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Feeling Sad & Empty

I went through my pc car racing games. It tore me apart. Its been over a year since I played those games. My laptop doesn’t have a CD player. I am also wondering if I am way past playing the … Continue reading

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What Is The Laws Of Attraction?

Its what you take from it. Its creative & fun for you,enjoyable & pleasant for you. You DO NOT need to practice every formula,system,method,or idea. Take what feels good & is easy for you. DO NOT complicate it & make … Continue reading

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Spent My Morning Creating My Ideal Life

I layed in by broken bed & used my imagination. I created,played,& had my fun. I visualized & felt all of it real & true,as if I was already living my ideal life.  

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Being Creative In Losing Weight

My thinking cap switched on & I got creative & an exciting idea was born. Begin with the proper breathing exercises,followed by visualization for weight loss. Visualize yourself looking like you dream of & see yourself living slender,healthy,& high energy. … Continue reading

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The Laws Of Attraction

fails to work when you strive to use every law,formula,system,& idea. It fails when you work for perfection & it fails when you do your best to copy someone else. It fails when it becomes work. The Laws Of Attraction … Continue reading

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Back To Gaming

After turning 50,3 years ago,I quit playing my favorite pc cars racing games. Tonight I was playing a game & had so much fun. I am going to set up my old laptop in my bedroom for playing my games. … Continue reading

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When We Are Broken

I thought upon this today…maybe it is…the fix we need is to dream bigger,reach higher,change our thoughts to whatever makes us feel good,visualize all that makes us smile,laugh,play,have fun,use our imagination,use our measure of faith,journal our feelings & thoughts,spend quality … Continue reading

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