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The Woman In The Mirror

I look in the mirror & see a fat woman & other times I see a horribly swelled,bloated woman. What I never see is me. That’s not me. Those brown eyes are all that’s left of me. I’m somewhere within … Continue reading

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Severe Anxiety Attack

This is insane! Why the hell does these attacks take me into my past,to face way old situations? Must I relive those horrors? They open up in vibrant living color,spawning those old feelings & thoughts,as if I am living those … Continue reading

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63,Sunny,& I’m Depressed

actually,I am confined to the house…no money & my car needs repairs. Its an ideal day to eat out & do some shopping. I’m also wishing I was living in a beautiful 4 bedroom house in an upstanding neighborhood. My … Continue reading

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Another Prompting…& Hot Damn!

Upon entering my bedroom I decided to clear the table outside the door. It was the remaining journals that had spilled onto the floor. It was a book that grabbed my attention…The Zen Path Through Depression. I entered my bedroom,with … Continue reading

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When You Feel Trapped

I have felt trapped for years. Of course mine is intensified greatly by the anxiety disorder I live with. All doors have slammed shut & I’m not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sitting here in … Continue reading

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